Tiny Dog Media™ develops products and services for success in life and love.

Following are some of our projects:

“Don’t Bark Up The Wrong Tree! Find Your Love Instinctively ” eBook

This MiniBook will teach you how to use Tiny’s MiniQuiz™ to know and understand people better, especially yourself. Tiny’s MiniQuiz™ is like a formula or recipe that can be learned and applied almost instantly. Using it, you will be able to determine whether someone might be your type and potentially be your love mate.


Tiny Dogs Travel

A web resource for families that love to travel with their tiny dog. If your dog weights less than 17 pounds, you have special privileges on airplanes. There are many opportunities to include your tiny dog in your travels by air or land. Let Tiny Dogs Travel show you how. [Website under construction.]

Droppy and Friends

Droppy™ is a character with a mission to drop into people’s lives to help them resolve life’s issues in a very positive way. Droppy™ consults with his friends when seeking solutions to challenges. When Droppy is stock, he resorts to prayer, often finding the most clear solutions for his loved ones. [Website under construction.]