Tiny Dog Media Projects

Tiny Dog Media is developing various websites that provide information and resources for building healthy relationships, traveling with your tiny dog and a cartoon that encourages you to live your life at it’s fullest. The sites are as follows:

http://www.DontBarkUpTheWrongTree.com. This is an eBook that offers tips for building healthy relationships. It focuses on the most important relationship you will ever develop. That is your healthy marriage.

http://www.TinyDogsTravel.com. This is a web resource for families that love to travel with their tiny dog.

http://www.DroppyandFriends.com. Droppy is a cartoon character with a mission to drop into people’s lives to help them resolve life’s issues in a very positive way.

Through our creative endeavors, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals in life and love.

This blog is a place for updates on our ongoing projects.



The Smiths About The Smiths

Tiny Dog Media is made up by The Smiths, a successfully married couple since 1992, and their dog, Tiny Frau Smith. They are entrepreneurs and world travelers that enjoy living life to the fullest. The Smiths develop products to help you increase your success in life and love.