Can Ben, the Bachelor Find His Mate for Life?

Grapes Can Turn "Sour"

Only if he follows his animal instinct! Tiny’s MiniQuiz™ can help him! It is designed to for men and women to get an insight into their potential mate’s personality.

Ben may find his love mate for life. I am glad he is in the wine business because he is having to deal with many “sour grapes” from the girls. This Bachelor season on ABC is very interesting. I hope Ben can make a “nice wine” out of it.

My animal instinct tells me that so far, Ben has been “barking up the wrong tree” with some of the girls.

As the weeks progress on this season of The Bachelor on ABC, Ben will definitely find that the right relationship is not merely a “mirage.” Instead, it is designed to be so awesome, that is leads to marriage for life.