Real Love on The Bachelor on ABC Television Show?

Real love is possible. That is why at least half of all couples that get married, stay married for life.

A television show is a strange place to meet the date that turns into a mate. For several weeks Ben Flajnik has had to eliminate women from a beautiful pack that was introduced to him in Los Angeles, California.

The word that describes this season of The Bachelor on ABC has been “vulnerable.” Very different from the other shows. Another lead man in this show, Jason Mesnick described his ideal mate with the word “connection.” Ben, the bachelor who is featured in the 2012 edition of The Bachelor wants a woman who is independent and vulnerable at the same time. Jason wanted a connection and a woman who would be liked by his little son. Jason found Molly and he married. Now, lets see if Ben has the same results…

Either way, if Ben would use Tiny’s MiniQuiz, he would know quite a bit more about the two girls he has left on the show. Tiny’s MiniQuiz is a five minute quiz that reveals much about both, the man and the woman’s personality.

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Think Outside the Box in Your Love Relationship

Today was an interesting episode of The Bachelor on ABC. I really could have saved Ben some sweating time… He had to make tough choices and my animal instinct told me that with my MiniQuiz™, he would have been able to make his choices a lot easier.

Rachel and Blakeley are two very pretty women. Both have “assets” that are interesting to a man. Even I bark *wow* *wow* when I see such interesting girls.

Tiny knew who Ben should choose… It can be that simple!

Find your wife for life it will keep you from a lot of strife… “Think outside the box” to find your love mate for life.

Jealousy Characterizes the Women on this Season’s Bachelor Show

This season of The Bachelor on ABC has been presenting nice destinations. Ben, the bachelor seems to be very sincere and has a great demeanor. The women are physically beautiful but some have severe insecurities.

Courtney has an an attitude of entitlement and superiority that makes her difficult to like. Trying to warn the bachelor about Courtney, seems to be a mistake that Emily is focusing on mistakenly. Emily realizes that a good relationship is not just a “dog and pony show.”

As a dog, I am an expert on relationships. I know what it takes for love to last. My miniquiz called “Tiny’s MiniQuiz™” has been created by my owners, The Smiths and myself, their dog. My owners have an awesome marriage relationship that started in 1992. All of us want to help folks learn more about themselves and their potential love mate for life.

Lasting love can’t be a “dog and pony show” that is based only on physical beauty. Real love leads to marriage that lasts a lifetime. Single people should learn from Tiny’s wisdom. It’s practical, simple and reveals great insights that can help make or break a relationship.

Can Ben, the Bachelor Find His Mate for Life?

Grapes Can Turn "Sour"

Only if he follows his animal instinct! Tiny’s MiniQuiz™ can help him! It is designed to for men and women to get an insight into their potential mate’s personality.

Ben may find his love mate for life. I am glad he is in the wine business because he is having to deal with many “sour grapes” from the girls. This Bachelor season on ABC is very interesting. I hope Ben can make a “nice wine” out of it.

My animal instinct tells me that so far, Ben has been “barking up the wrong tree” with some of the girls.

As the weeks progress on this season of The Bachelor on ABC, Ben will definitely find that the right relationship is not merely a “mirage.” Instead, it is designed to be so awesome, that is leads to marriage for life.