Tiny Dog Media at World Travel Market in London

The 2011 London travel show has been an amazing display of over 170 nations promoting tourism.

Tiny Dog Media™ has learned that very few destinations, resorts and hotels welcome the four legged member of the family.

Travel with a tiny dog should definitely be easier. The amount of paperwork and the attitude towards dogs deserves much improvement.

Continuing forward with the eBook “Don’t Bark Up the Wrong Tree! Find Your Love Instinctively” …

It is a labor of love and patience to find your match for life. A little four legged dog has much to say about this. Be the best that you can be, “don’t bark up the wrong tree!”

Tiny Dog Media™ in London

Our team is involved in several projects for Tiny Dog Media™. First, our eBook to help you find your love mate for life. “Don’t Bark Up the Wrong Tree! Find Your Love Instinctively” kicks off sales of the eBook on 11/11/11.

Second, Tiny Dog Media™ is exploring two world travel shows in London. One is Conde Nast Travel Fair at Olympia Hall. After this show ends, we go on to World Travel Market at ExCel convention center.

Our goal, is to find and feature destinations and locations around the world that are tiny dog friendly.

Dogs are man’s best friends, aren’t they? So those of us who have a dog like ours, Tiny Frau Smith, want to visit destinations that welcome the four-legged member of the family.

Let’s see what we discover.

Kim Kardashian Needed Tiny’s MiniQuiz™

Getting married and asking for divorce less than three months later… These folks did not hear Tiny Frau Smith’s advice: “Don’t Bark Up the Wrong Tree!”

I am confident that Tiny’s MiniQuiz™ which is part of the “Don’t Bark Up the Wrong Tree! Find Your Love Instinctively” MiniBook could have prevented such expensive hassle.

Well, today is the day the book is completed. Today is also the day of official announcement that Kim was asking for divorce… Maybe Kim is going to find out that Tiny Frau Smith is big on finding the right love mate for life.

May Kim Kardashian, her man and many people around the world learn some of Tiny Frau and The Smiths wisdom and resources.

This tiny dog has some new tricks to teach you for the “game” of love.

Tiny Does Not Celebrate Halloween, the World is Already “Scary” Enough!

Tiny Frau looks for love in Palm Beach

Tiny thinks there are too many tricks being played out there in the “jungle of life” and on the Animal Farm. Instead, she wants to share a treat with you. Learn to follow your animal instinct in matters of the heart. How do you do this? First, you need to know your Animal Profile™ and your Animal Quotient™. Get Tiny’s book Don’t Bark Up the Wrong Tree! Find Your Love Instictively to learn all about it. You will be “dog-gone” glad you did!


One Can Be Lonely, However Tiny Frau Can Help You Find Your Love Mate!

Tiny Frau Smith, Creative Partner at Tiny Dog Media, has just completed a new YouTube for you to enjoy. Tiny Frau wants you to be the best you can be by not “barking up the wrong tree in love.” Tiny Frau really likes the band, Three Dog Night, and their hit song “One.” One is the loneliest number, especially in a love relationship. Learn to use Tiny’s MiniQuiz and you won’t be signing this song.

Tiny Dog Media™ – A Company is Born

For Immediate Release


Book about finding your right love mate titled, Don’t Bark Up the Wrong Tree! Find Your Love Instinctively to be released on 11-11-11.

Tiny Dog Media™ is an exciting and unique company that has a four legged Creative Partner named Tiny Frau Smith. You guessed right if you were thinking “dog.” But this isn’t just any dog. Tiny Frau is an unusually smart, loyal, and trustworthy dog that loves people. She is a wonderful companion and truly epitomizes the old expression, “a dog is a man’s best friend.”

Tiny Frau, or Tiny as she is called by her many friends, has just completed a book about love relationships. She shares some of her tiny dog wisdom on how to find that special one-of-a-kind love mate with a simple compatibility quiz called Tiny’s MiniQuiz™. Tiny will explain and teach you some easy to use concepts. She aptly illustrates that it is of primal importance to follow your animal instinct in matters of the heart.

The informative and timely book is going to be available in eBook PDF format starting on 11-11-11. Tiny wants you to be #1 on all areas of your life. Don’t settle for less. Let this dog teach you some new tricks to come out on top in the “game of love.” This book is a real “game changer” for all the players. Don’t strike out in love, be a HIT!

Tiny Dog Media is a company that creates, markets, and sells multi-media products and services for entertainment, education, and personal success. We want to help you “be the best you can be,” so that you don’t bark up the wrong tree in life!

Oh, by the way, the month of October is a great time of the year; with autumn weather, football, and of course World Series Baseball. Tiny loves to use catchy slogans to communicate important information, so here is one for all the baseball fans. Tiny says, “Do’t strike out in love, be a HIT!” Learn to use Tiny’s MiniQuiz™.

Tiny Dogs are Huge!


Tiny dogs are huge in all things that make life better… Huge in travel, adventure, joy, love and laughter.

Find Your Love Instinctively Book

Barking up the wrong tree is a real waste of time and energy! Learn to follow your “animal instinct” to hunt for your love in life. Your love mate for life is the most important relationship you will ever develop. Let Tiny Frau show you how!

Go fetch my new eBook: www.DontBarkUpTheWrongTree.com