What does the expression, “Don’t Bark Up The Wrong Tree” actually mean?

What does the expression, “Don’t Bark Up The Wrong Tree,” actually mean?
It means to make a wrong assumption.
Where did this expression originate from? If you have ever gone hunting with a dog, then you may know this phrase particularly well. Dogs will chase animals up trees, and start barking to let you know there’s something up there. If a dog makes a mistake and picks the wrong tree, it’s barking up the wrong tree.

The same concept applies to humans, and their relationships. That’s why I, Tiny Frau Smith, have written the MiniBook: “Don’t Bark Up The Wrong Tree! Find Your Love Instinctively.” Barking up the wrong tree is a real waste of time, and energy, not to mention money! I don’t want that to happen to you, instead, I want you to be “sitting on top of the world” with your right mate, and that’s what this MiniBook will help you achieve!


This MiniBook will teach you how to use Tiny’s MiniQuiz™ to know and understand people better, especially yourself. Tiny’s MiniQuiz™ is like a formula or recipe that can be learned and applied almost instantly. Using it, you will be able to determine whether someone might be your type and potentially be your love mate.

“Don’t Bark Up the Wrong Tree! Find Your Love Instinctively” is immediately available as an eBook PDF file download. Now is the time to get a new “leash” on life! Don’t miss out this opportunity!

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Tiny thinks there are too many tricks being played out there in the “jungle of life” and on the Animal Farm. Instead, she wants to share a treat with you. Learn to follow your animal instinct in matters of the heart. How do you do this? First, you need to know your Animal Profile™ and your Animal Quotient™. Get Tiny’s book Don’t Bark Up the Wrong Tree! Find Your Love Instictively to learn all about it. You will be “dog-gone” glad you did!


One Can Be Lonely, However Tiny Frau Can Help You Find Your Love Mate!

Tiny Frau Smith, Creative Partner at Tiny Dog Media, has just completed a new YouTube for you to enjoy. Tiny Frau wants you to be the best you can be by not “barking up the wrong tree in love.” Tiny Frau really likes the band, Three Dog Night, and their hit song “One.” One is the loneliest number, especially in a love relationship. Learn to use Tiny’s MiniQuiz and you won’t be signing this song.